New Patient Concern that all patients have about who is reviewing your mouth and it does hygiene has led to clinical dental practice and hospital levels on issues of sterilization and the use of materials only and exclusively for the patient .

We are aware of our responsibility and we are careful in our dental exams to restore your oral health.

Let us know your questions about any area that concerns your treatment or our methods of sterilization.

We take pride in our profession and we want you to feel confident in our services and personalized attention. We have space in our practice to see their friends or family.

If someone you know are looking for a dentist who offers alternatives. We are happy to assist you ! Dr. Hernandez conducted a dental free of amalgam (mercury ) , since 1989, using for this ceramic and resin materials, which are similar in color and shape to your natural teeth.

He has worked hand in hand with some of the leading pioneers of biological dentistry and alternative medicine since 1997 such as Hal Huggins Dr. Hulda Clark and Dr. 'and Anesthesiologists , Chiropractors , Naturopaths , Acupuncturists and Mexico and Therapists United States of America. Currently Dr. Hernandez has assembled a team of professionals to provide a comprehensive dental program that is done in one appointment under sedation .

The program is based on cosmetic dentistry and reflexology and alternative therapies to restore your mouth and safeguard your health using biocompatible materials medicine.

Requiring medical treatment , are discussed in conjunction with your physician or therapist , providing us the dental protocol.