Some Of Our Services:

Restorative Dentistry - . Integrally We aim to solve oral problems , performing restorative treatments . We take care of the maintenance, care and maintenance of teeth through restorative techniques ( such as fillings ) and endodontics .

Cosmetic Dentistry - . We aim to solve oral problems for aesthetic results. Since a good image helps to improve self-esteem , these interventions contribute to physical and emotional wellbeing . Usually these treatments are quite fast , effective and painless . Similarly, the side effects are virtually nonexistent.

Preventive Dentistry - . We rely on preventing or avoiding the appearance of different diseases, or at most , reduce the degree of malignancy or destruction of structures bucodentarías if they appear.

If we know the causes of diseases of the mouth we can avoid them, but this widespread fatalistic concept of thinking wear our teeth as part of a natural process of degeneration that every so often the teeth are damaged and run to the dentist for solve it , then the dentist would play a passive role in this situation, because if we act on the causes responsible for this process are not only correcting some defects if not rather curing a disease.

The benefits will outweigh the sooner we implement a prevention program or faster we detect the disease.

We aim to bring barriers that interfere with the development of oral diseases .

Since we live in a world surrounded by bacteria, and mouth we are no exception , for this reason has been growing interest in the use of antibacterial agents , as a way to prevent and control the board.

Cleanings - . 's Dental cleanings are essential to maintain dental and gum health. Although a thorough brushing , flossing and using fluoride mouthwash at home is a significant part of the system of oral care , regular visits to the dentist is also valuable .

Seals - . Dental sealants are thin plastic films that are painted on the surfaces of the back teeth - molars and premolars - and are highly effective in preventing the destruction of the tooth ( cavities) . Dental sealants are particularly effective on the back teeth and the back teeth contain cavities and grooves harder to reach accommodation serving of food debris and plaque formation .


Seals with resin ( without fillers Metal ) - . Is a cosmetic compound which is readily molded into the cavity or cavities where there is not extensive destruction . Are performed directly in the mouth and do not require laboratory .


Onlays - . When a tooth is too damaged to support a dental Stuffed, but not damaged enough for a dental crown, you end up somewhere in the middle. Crowning a damaged tooth with a dental crown unnecessarily removes more tooth structure than necessary. But one large tooth filling may weaken the remaining tooth structure , causing the tooth to break , crack, or eventually need a root canal.


Porcelain Crowns - . A crown is used to entirely cover a damaged tooth . Also can be used to improve the appearance , shape or alignment of the tooth. A crown can also be placed on an implant to achieve the shape and functional structure of a tooth. It is possible to match the color of porcelain crowns with their natural teeth.


BelleGlass Crowns - . Composite resin inlays perform similar to metal and ceramics in regard to the rehabilitation of post teeth with large scale structural damage functions, but its ability to integrate to the surface, good clinical performance, ease of development , lower cost, and familiarity with the material of the Dentist , make them a remarkable clinical resource .


Fixed bridges ( No Metal) - . It's a great way to replace missing teeth . Currently there are several types of fixed bridges that can be used with excellent results in both functional and aesthetic aspect . They can be made on remaining teeth to replace missing teeth . These prostheses are manufactured without metal.


Bridges Removable Denture without Metal - . Removable Dentures without metal is the result of a recent technology in the development of new biomaterials . It is made of a resin based on thermoplastic nylon , that is a translucent material that " mimics " with the patient's gum , allowing the prosthesis to take on the color of the gum , a quality which makes it practically invisible unlike acrylic as hooks or bases are made of the same material giving a very esthetic result.


Extractions - Teeth are extracted for various reasons :

Decay has reached deep into the tooth

Infection has destroyed a significant portion of the tooth or surrounding bone

In the mouth there is not enough space for all the teeth and causes pain


Intravenous Sedation - . Drugs you are given by vein , 30 seconds will be " you asleep " but can answer orders, the level of sleep gives you a flat in which you do not realize what is happening. One minute after the surgery is complete you wake up and not have adverse defects such as vomiting or dizziness, can walk out on your own . It is a very safe procedure because we use technology and ongoing monitoring.